The Fill A Heart Group, Inc.

      To a breast cancer patient, it's not just a pillow.

HEART PILLOWS FOR BREAST CANCER PATIENTS.  Our primary purpose as a non-profit organization is to provide our Signature Heart Shaped Pillows to help ease the pain of those patients undergoing breast and underarm surgery. 

The Fill A Heart Group is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 2008.  We run by a core volunteer group of 15 dedicated members and our episodic volunteer force which numbered over 400 in 2013.  Our volunteers are survivors, caregivers and community members all touched by some form of cancer.
Our Signature Heart Shaped Pillows
Delivered through December 31, 2013


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Effective December 31, 2013 our major source of funding has been cut.  We need your assistance to continue our programs!!  Just $25.00 will help us make and deliver 10 Heart Pillows.
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Every little bit helps!  Ask about our Pennies and Coins for Pillows Program now under way.